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How to answer the question: “Why should we hire you?”

The best way to answer a question is with a strong argument. Before going to a job interview where you can answer this question, prepare your speech well. These are the three points on which you can base the suitability of your candidacy and answer the always dreaded question correctly: Why should we choose you?

The experience supports you

It seems that only with a long career backing you have everything done. But in an interview you do not want to determine if you can perform the position, but if you are the one who best suits among all the candidates. To build your speech you need to investigate the company well and find what is most attractive to them within that extensive experience.

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Highlight it on the rest as something significant in your career and note that you felt comfortable during that period of time. The enthusiasm and motivation with which you speak of certain topics conveys security and confidence . It is disconcerting to select someone who does not connect with the position, even though they are capable of carrying out the tasks involved.

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Highlight the training

In a resume, it is not usually relevant to explain too much about the knowledge you have acquired. However, in an interview you can tell an anecdote about the formative stage in which certain learning stands out. Again, what it is about is to differentiate and the anecdote is ideal for this purpose. Of course, it must be of interest.

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This does not mean that the rest of the profile is obviated. You have to make everything shine that makes you add points, but adding that touch of testimony makes the interview stop being cold and impersonal communication and will stimulate empathy towards your profile.

Emphasize skills and competencies

When your experience is scarce and your training is not too bright, you have another asset: talk about your skills and competencies. At the time of writing your CV, you should have already taken this section into account.

Whether you did it or not, it’s time to explain yourself. Find what defines you as a hardworking person. The constancy, the will, the ability to learn quickly or adapt to new situations, work well in teams, know your responsibilities, follow-up and fulfillment of assignments, serve the public well … There are many professional qualities that can be highlighted.

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To know where you should recreate two conditions are necessary: that you really possess the skill or competence that you are going to talk about and that it is relevant to the position. With the conviction of carrying the duties done, you can convey security in your words and get the attention of recruiters.

In conclusion, remember that the fundamental thing is to find the point that makes you different and, from there, guide your speech to reinforce this position. The feeling that you know how to answer about the suitability of your profile will be evident in the interview.

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