What is a case study?

Have you heard of case study? Do you know what that means? Here in the article, we will explain in detail what a case study is. So come with us and get all your questions about it. Good reading!

What is a case study?

A case study can be understood as an in-depth research process. Its purpose is to verify the practical application of scientific methods or problem-solving in a well-defined sample group.

Therefore, it requires that you have extensive knowledge about the content to be analyzed and also about the group that will be part of the study. Moreover, it is a lengthy process, but very important for the scientific area, as it serves as a reference for later or more comprehensive studies. 

Why are case studies important to the learning process? 

As we have explained, case studies analyze in depth a given situation in a practical context. That is, they are researches that have a direct impact on social reality, objectively presenting or contesting certain premises. 

Given this, these studies help students understand content faster. After all, it is possible to visualize, in a real context, the importance and usefulness of the content being learned. 

Moreover, when it is the students themselves who conduct the research, the knowledge gained becomes even greater. Because, it will be necessary to reflect on certain subjects, thinking of alternatives to apply them to everyday situations. 

In short, learning goes far beyond just a reading or study process for an exam. 

In which situations is it possible to use case studies? 

You can create case studies for many different situations. Therefore, you might want to look, for example, at what an e-commerce company’s digital marketing process looks like. Or you can also check how customer service is provided by a restaurant.  

You may also want to evaluate the impact of a particular economic method on increasing overall business profits. To do this, it decided to initially select only small companies located in the southern zone of its region. This being a study that will serve as a basis for further research. 

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All of the above are examples of how you can make use of case studies, but there are several other contexts in which you can apply them. However, regardless of the situation, it is important that the study serves the following three purposes:

  • explore real-life situations;
  • describe the context of the place or situation in which the research is being conducted;
  • Explain possible variables that may interfere with data analysis or alter the final outcome of the study. 

College Case Studies 

Case studies are widely used in college. They appear in discussion processes during class, as final subject assessments or even as course completion work options.

So if you are already in or near the college, know that you will most likely encounter this type of tool at some point in your education.  

Therefore, it is extremely important that you understand what a case study is and what its purpose is. However, after all that we have presented throughout the text, we believe that this information is already much clearer in your mind, right? 

However, if you still have questions about this, please write here in the comments that we will answer you. See you later!

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