What is a Campus Life Like at University in Canada?

Studying at a university in Canada is a transformative experience and this prompted us to examine the campus life in Canada.

The country’s educational institutions are ranked among the best in the world, which is already an excellent reason to study there.

Besides, living in a foreign country – even for just a few years – helps young people develop characteristics such as independence, responsibility, and autonomy.

If you are thinking of making this decision and studying in Canada, check out this article and understand what life is like for a college student in one of the countries that have the best quality of life in the world!

Campus life in Canada

Most students reside on the university campus and share rooms with other students, usually exchange students. The structure is complete and safe, providing a good environment for living, studying, and socializing.

The campuses have a fantastic infrastructure and have bright, clean classrooms, equipped labs, bike racks, green areas, and libraries.

In some institutions, the student finds establishments known for eating and resting. At  Langara College, for example, you can have coffee at Starbucks before class.

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At  Royal Roads University, there is a library with an extensive collection of resources and a Writing Center. At  Mount Royal, when a student wants to go somewhere on campus but is still unsure about going alone, they can use the SAFE WALK system and call a security guard to accompany them to their destination.

Tours, culture and art

To learn more about Canada’s culture and art, students can search for on-campus cultural events and watch theater plays, art exhibits, live music shows, and even attend debates and meetings at City Hall.

For those who want to make friends and find companies for these cultural outings, a great way is to join fraternities and sororities.

Sport and competitions at a University of Canada

Canadians are very fond of exercise, and cycling is a widely used means of transportation. In addition, there are regular games like hockey, basketball, baseball, football, and tennis. Students can join teams and participate in championships or watch games.

Competitions are held with the teams of the college itself and the college team, made up of the best players, competes with teams from other universities.

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Participation in Clubs and Recreations

Students who are not very fond of sports or the arts can also participate in clubs, organizations, societies, and academic activity groups with which they have affinities.

Usually, at the beginning of the school year clubs create a table to recruit new members. There are many different clubs and groups.

In UBC ( University of British Columbia ), for example, there are more than 370 clubs available to students. This way, it is enough for the student to choose the one that best suits his interests and make the most of his stay at a university in Canada.

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