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Writing is a means of communication between humans, used since ancient times. Over the years several were invented, depending on the time, place and culture where it was performed, thus the following types of writing were generated:

  • Ideogram
  • Alphabetic writing
  • Pictographic
  • Cuneiform
  • Linear A
  • Linear writing B
  • Logographic
  • Would add
  • Hieratic writing
  • Demotic
  • Hieroglyphic writing

Apart from evolving and perfecting the writing, together they did the instruments used for their practice. At first it was written on rock, wood and clay. Then on scrolls and papyrus, until today it is done on paper and machines.

Writing is defined as a detailed medium, which expresses a language through ideas. Although there is also talk of a written language, referring to it, as the way to tangibly shape the phonemes.

Now, written communication in addition to having types has methods, such as that used by the blind, deaf and mute. They write through graphics, with symbols and characters, but, it differs from the traditional because what they capture is not the exact representation of their dialect. You can say that Braille manages its own language, an abstract language.

What are the types of writing?


It is a graphic writing used by the Egyptians and Babylonians. It is used only through drawing, typography is not established in its practice. Currently, it is still managed in countries such as Taiwan, China and Vietnam.

Alphabetic writing

It is what we commonly use, the purpose is to reproduce phonemes by joining a vowel and a consonant. This writing emerged thanks to Latin, Greek and Hebrew alphabets and alphabeticals. It is divided into two parts.

Pictographic writing

In this type of writing which is from the Neolithic period, the pictographic was written in rocks. It can be said that individually write a short sentence, which was done by symbols or signs.

Cuneiform writing

The cuneiform writing was done on a plant, called a reed, or on clay. It was used during the Mesopotamian period and consisted of making representations in the form of triangles. This type generated other scriptures based on symbols.

Syllabic writing

A graphic writing, which combines syllables to generate phonetic groups and is divided into the following:

Inuktitut syllabary

Also called; Eskimo writing. So far there is record that alone, former Canadian communities implemented it.

Cherokee syllabary

It belongs to the Amerindian language, it was created by an American illiterate using fences and wood. It is about writing with small drawings, that is, each word has a drawing that represents it.

Vai syllabary

It belongs to the Vai language of Liberia. Its creation lies during the 30s of the 19th century with approximately 200 symbols.

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Ki ka Ku syllabary

Like the previous one, it belongs to Liberia, but from the Mend language. It was designed to perfect the vai and manage to translate the Quran.

Shumom syllabary

It is an ancient writing, of what today in Africa is known as the Bamun language. During its development, it had seven systems that modified, removed, created and added new characters, until it was an abandoned writing technique at the beginning of the 20th century.

Mandombe syllabary

It is also an African syllabary alpha, created at the end of the 20th century and still in force. In fact, the schools of this continent include it within the educational pensum. It has vowels and consonants. One of its rules is that a vowel can write itself or form a syllable without using another character.

Linear writing A

It is a very old writing, which lasted only two centuries; from XV to XVII before Christ and arose in Crete during the Minoan civilization.

Linear writing B

It is a form of Greek writing based on linear A, which was performed on a wet clay tablet. Its typography is thin curves that were then left to dry under the sun.

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Logographic or ideographic writing

It is the writing used by the Chinese. It manifests with the combination of symbols since, one can mean a phrase something by itself and by combining it gives a very different meaning.

Writing summary

It was used to keep the accounting of merchandise sold and was written on clay tablets, which later became a cylinder with numerals.

Hieratic writing

It was developed in parallel with the hieroglyphs. Its difference is that the hieratic writing was cursive with symbols joined by a ligature and the sentences were constructed by separating them in pairs.

Demotic writing

It should be noted that this type of writing was done on papyrus, and it was written mixedly. The writing was simplified hieroglyphic, on the other hand, it mixed the phonetic method with the ideographic one.

Hieroglyphic writing

Hieroglyphic writing is the best known ancient typography in our time. Its intention is to represent through symbols, words that could not be drawn and its evolution formed hieratic writing.

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