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Do you wish to study abroad or Canada to be precise? this article certainly will make it easier by reading about the best universities in Canada.

For the young student, the moment of choosing their professional paths is crucial, either by defining the undergraduate course or by deciding on the ideal university for enrollment.

In this scenario,  taking a course abroad is a  great option for those who want to make their curriculum even more prominent, learn or improve a new language and gain a lot of cultural background from living in another country.

If you are thinking about your future, see in our article which are the best universities in Canada and why to invest in that country. Come on?


What are the Best Universities in Canada?

According to the Times Higher Education world university ranking, which rates over 1250 study centers around the world, there are 5 Canadian universities that rank among the top 100  institutions in the world.

To guide this classification, questions related to teaching, research, methods of education, and the international perspective of the academy are raised. Check out the best universities in Canada!

  • #1. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto, also known by the acronym UofT, was founded in 1827 and is the first higher education institution in Canada. Located in Toronto, the provincial capital of Ontario, UofT students enjoy the largest Canadian city.

In the ranking titled Times Higher Education,  the University of Toronto ranks as the 21st best university in the world. No wonder: The site houses 16 academic colleges, numerous research centers, and 10 learning hospitals.

  • #2. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia (UBC) ranks 37th in the world ranking. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia Province – West Coast of Canada – this study center is very suitable for students interested in research, precisely because of its weight team.

In terms of infrastructure, UBC is quite complete. Students can enjoy up-to-date libraries, restaurants, museums, theaters, and sports gyms. That is, it is quite attractive for people who want to have good conditions for study.

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  • #3. McGill University

When it comes to a diverse body of students, McGill is the university of choice. This study center attracts students from more than 150 countries and has good reception and inclusion measures from international university students.

The focus is also directed to the institution’s postgraduate programs, adding around 40,000 students enrolled in this academy. In all, there are 11 colleges and various areas of study offered to those who wish to enroll in this university located in Montreal, Quebec.

In the Times Higher Education ranking, McGill University ranks  44th among the best universities in the world.

  • #4. McMaster University

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, McMaster University ranks as the 77th best university in the world. It is part of U15, an organization of Canadian research-oriented universities and also features a multi-subject study center.

Regarding academic facilities, students wishing to study subjects in the fields of science, health science, engineering, and administration will be welcome here and will have excellent faculty.

  • #5. University of Montreal

The University of Montreal is considered the 90th best university in the world and the second-largest in the country, second only to the University of Toronto. As it is part of the province of Quebec, where French is officially spoken, its highlight is the possibility of learning this language.

With a 600 square-kilometer campus, students can enjoy extensive gardens, a bustle of study centers, and full-time study. For this reason, the University of Montreal offers a complete infrastructure.

Why should you invest in a Canadian university?

Canada is a country that attracts many foreigners for tourism, study, or work because of the welcome it provides to people from all over the world. Based on multiculturalism and two official languages ​​- English and French – it is not difficult to create new friendships in this amazing place.

His prime minister, Justin Trudeau, elected in 2018, is the prime example of this Canadian thinking: he has chosen professionals from different genres and cultures to make up his cabinet.

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As a large country located in the northern hemisphere, the climate in Canada can vary greatly depending on the region chosen. But it is generally well marked by the seasons. That is, it is possible to enjoy the cold and the heat as best as possible and enjoy incredible landscapes.

For outsiders, the country offers great airports and a very qualified air transport service: those who choose this country to study do not regret! Canada is charming!

How to prepare for the selection process?

The process to enter Canadian universities is not done through an entrance exam. In fact, the country’s system evaluates the student’s high school years in order to verify their academic performance.

As the high school in the country has one year more, it is necessary to hold a year of bachelor’s degree or degree in an institution that is recognized by the chosen university in Canada.

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You can also meet this requirement by taking a vocational-technical course in Canada or enrolling in Canadian High School and completing this 4th year directly in the country.

Another issue is language: English language proficiency must be demonstrated from internationally recognized tests. The  International English Language Testing System (IELTS)  and the  Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are accepted.

Choosing a Canadian university,  preparing for your admission,  and starting your course are not simple tasks.

However, they can be compared to the same level of preparation for college entrance exams in other countries. So if you are interested in attending Canadian universities, write down the tips mentioned in our post and go ahead.

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