Types of Mothers Most Students Have

student mothers

Just as we have different kinds of students, there are also many types of mothers. And nothing better than to take advantage of their month to tell what each one’s profile is, right?

I had a thought about this, the main reason we made this post!

The mother who is never satisfied

Do you know that proof that you killed yourself to study and yet made you very afraid? So imagine that after so much suffering you took a ten on this test!

You arrive at home happy to tell your mother that you will win the congratulations and see a super celebration, but then she says: “You did no more than your obligation” (who never ?!). Many mothers do this, but you can be sure that deep down, they are proud.

The mother who says you are not everyone

There are assessments where most of your classmates end up entering the same situation – taking low notes. And as all of them went bad, you believe that when your mother finds out, she will not be mad.

But that’s where you make a mistake! By telling her and trying to explain herself by saying that it was collective, that everyone went wrong, she gives you the following answer: “You are not everyone.”

She does not give a damn if everyone takes a low note, because, after all, you are not everyone !.

The mother who is at the same time an aunt

That’s right; you read, right! This is the mother who is both mother and aunt at the same time.

But when we say that she is an aunt, it is not her own, but her friends’. No matter their age, you will always have a friend who will consider your mother a lot and call her that.

In some situations, this mother may even be cooler than her son. Usually, she is entertaining and talks to everyone, without leaving aside the role of mother and aunt, advising so that they have judgment.

The mother who presses you

Let’s say you are that student who, in addition to studying in college, studies at home and still leaves aside some social events to advance the content.

But precisely because he is an attentive son, when you decide to leave your mother, he says, “Are you going to leave? Do not you have proof this month? “

This may take your excitement out, but even if there is overprotection of your studies by your mother, know that deep down she only wants your good and you have good grades.

The partner mother

Imagine the situation – you took a DP in college and will have to redo all the matter. Besides having to pay for it again, there’s no way you have to tell it to your mother, and there you’re scared to death.

And at that moment you are surprised, you discover that you have a partner mother, who is open-minded and understands the situation and then says “I have been through it when I was your age.” So instead of punishing her, she makes herself available to help with her studies.

But remember: even if she understands the situation, do not think she will not get on your foot, because she will, yes, she will press you to study more this time.

The sister’s mother

Do you know that mother who looks more like a sister? Well, she is the mother who, besides being aware of the news of the young world, is also connected with you in studies.

She accompanies you in personal and academic life, even if for this she has to study too!

So, what kind of mother is she and yours? Tell us down here.

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