TOP 10 Public Universities in the United States

In this post, we’ve listed the Top 10 Public Universities in the United States, as we all know that universities in the US are highly ranked, Read on.

The United States offers the image of a powerful country as it has very good facilities. But on the other hand, it is a country where almost everything is privatized, and without money, you don’t have access to any of these services. 

Two good examples are the education system and the large amounts of annual money that must be paid to have a good education and health.

Yes, it is true, the United States provides a wide variety of scholarships for students to access the university, but not all scholarships are enough to be admitted to the mythical private universities; Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc. 

In addition to being very economically solvent, an impeccable curriculum and surely some contact is needed.

Universities in the USA

The United States not only has private universities such as those mentioned, it also has a large number of prestigious public universities, such as the University of California-Berkeley, being one of the best-known universities in the world.

Differences between private and public universities

The biggest difference between a public and a private university is the amount of economic effort they entail. Most public universities, if not all, are founded by the Government of each State. 

Some were built before 1700 !! The administration of each state is responsible for defraying and financing the costs of the university. These funds or state funding is the reason why public universities have a lower cost for students. 

The public also offers financial aid to all students who go to a university within the State where they reside (in-state). Therefore, a private university costs about USD 55,000 a year, while a public university is about USD 35,000 except for anyone who resides within the same state, which would be USD 13,000.

The money collected by tuition fees at a public university does not have to cover all expenses, such as the salary of employees. However, private universities do not receive public funds, so they are financed through tuition fees (therefore prices are higher), and private contributions.

Another big difference between these two types of university is the size of the campus in addition to the variety of different careers they offer. Public universities are much larger than private ones. 

The private ones usually have 2000 students on average, while the public ones there are some that have up to 50,000.

Students who want a wide variety of specialties can find them in public universities. Students can enroll in academic programs ranging from traditional liberal arts to more specialized technical fields.

Private universities, although they have less variety in their specialties, have a particular academic focus, by this I mean that some private universities can emphasize liberal arts studies while others are stronger in engineering or more technical studies.

Due to the difference in the number of students that make up one type of university or another, this affects the number of students in each class. 

Private universities maintain a small number of students, this means having better contact with academic leaders and faculty; On the other hand, in public universities, there may be up to 200 students in the same class, which is a disadvantage.

Rankings of the best public universities in the USA

The rankings of universities vary every year, and according to the US News Colleges, the best public universities are as follows.

This ranking not only establishes the academic category of teaching with the hiring of professionals of recognized value, which includes Nobel prizes, who teach master classes and certain courses, they also use other parameters such as facilities, location, variety of extra-academic activities, etc …

1. University of California, Berkeley

The most prestigious public university in the United States and the 21st in the United States

This public university is located in the state of California, in the city of Berkeley

A total of 41,000 students. 30,000 studying undergraduate and 11,000 graduate.

15% of these students are international.

The admission rate is 18%

A total of 13 men’s and 15 women’s teams are part of the NCAA Division 1 and have won 87 national titles.

The average cost of one year at the University of Berkeley is USD 40,000 and USD 14,000 (in-state).

2. University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA)

This university is located in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, five miles from the Pacific Ocean.

The Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country.

The admission rate is 18%

The average cost of one year at the University of UCLA is USD 43,000, USD 13,000 (in-state).

The top degrees in the University of UCLA are: biology, finance, political science, psychology, psychobiology and economics.

The university has 40 doctoral programs located in the top 10 of its country.

The UCLA Bruins compete in the Pacific-12 NCAA Divison I Conference. The women’s and men’s polo team are well known.

A total of 261 Olympic medals for athletes from the University of UCLA.

3. University of Virginia (UVA)

Founded in 1819, this university is located in Charlottesville, in the state of Virginia.

The Cavaliers, or Wahoos are part of the Atlantic Coast Conference at the NCAA Divison I.

The famous writer Edgar Allan Poe studied at UVA but did not finish the career. In addition, Senator Edward Kennedy, journalist Katie Couric and NFL player Tiki Barber graduated from UVA.

A total of 22,000 students enrolled in UVA. Being 6,000 students of the total postgraduate.

The admission rate is 30%

The average cost of one year at the University of UVA is USD 44,000, USD 13,000 (in-state).

The Darden School of Bussiness is the best program in the nation according to “The Economist.”

4. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

This university, founded in 1817, is located in the city of Ann Arbor, in the state of Michigan, 45 minutes from Detroit.

The annual cost at the University of Michigan is around 48,000 USD, 15,000 USD (in-state)

The University of Michigan has very well-valued nationally graduate programs, some are Stephen M. Ross School of Business, College of Engineering, Law School and Medical School, School of Dentistry and Taubman College for Architecture and Urban Planning.

The admission rate is 29%.

The average SAT test score is between 1350-1530.

According to Forbes, it was named “Best College Town” in the United States.


It has more than 900 “student-athletes”

The Wolverines participate in the “Big Ten Conference” Conference at the NCAA Divison I. They have also won a total of 56 national titles.

5. University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.

This university was the first public university founded in 1789. It is located in the city of Chapel Hill, in the state of North Carolina.

The admission rate is 27%

There are a total of 29,000 students. Being 11,000 postgraduate students.

Almost 1 in 3 undergraduate students have studied in another country before graduating, being this university one of the highest rates of study abroad are more than 350 programs in 70 countries.

The annual cost at this university is USD 34,000, and USD 9,000 (in-state).

This university is also considered one of the “Best College Towns in USA” since the city has many activities to offer.

The North Carolina Tar Heels participate in the Atlantic coast conference.

He is especially known for his male basketball team and his great rivalry with Duke University.

Players like Michael Jordan and Vince Carter were basketball players of the team of this university.

6. College of Mary and William

This public university is the second oldest in the United States, and was founded in 1693.

The university is located in the city of Williamsburg, in the state of Virginia.

The admission rate is 37%

It has an annual cost of USD 43,000, and USD 20,000 (in-state).

His graduate programs are highly valued, especially that of Marshall-Wythe School of Law, which was the first law school in the United States.

The University of William and Mary is valued for its long history in the specialty of liberal arts in addition to giving great importance to scientific study among university students.

7. Georgia Institute of Technology

The university is located in the city of Atlanta, in the state of Georgia.

The annual cost of the university is USD 33,000 and USD 12,000 (in-state)

Apart from the campuses it has in Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia Tech also has campuses outside the country, such as in France, Ireland, Costa Rica, Singapore and China.

It has a total of 21,500 students, with 15,500 students. It should be noted that 63% are men and 37% women.

The admission rate is 26%.

The most important degrees in this university are: Engineering, Finance, Marketing, Computer Science and Biology.

Postgraduate programs in Engineering and Finance are highly valued nationwide.

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets belong to the Atlantic Coast conference in the NCAA Division I.

8. University of California – Santa Barbara

This public university was founded in 1909 and is located in the city of Santa Barba, in the state of California. In addition, this university is located on cliffs above the Pacific Ocean.

The annual cost is USD 42,000 and USD 14,000 (in-state)

It has a total of 21,000 university students without counting graduate students.

A graduate program that is very well positioned in the national ranking is the School of Engineering.

The admission rate is 30%.

The UC Santa Barbara Gauchos compete in the “Big West” conference in the NCAA Division I.

The women’s basketball and men’s soccer teams are known.

9. University of California – Irvine

The University is located in Irvine, the state of California and was founded not long ago, in 1965.

The annual cost of this university is USD 43,000 and USD 15,000 (in-state).

It has a total number of 27,3000-degree students

This university stands out for specialized studies in cancer and neuroscience.

The minimum average grade that must be taken to be admitted is 3.4 / 4

There are a large number of international students forming 50% of the student body.

UCI competes in the “Big West” conference in the NCAA Division I. They have won a total of 28 national titles and 88 conferences.

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10. University of Florida

Founded in 1853, this public university is located in the city of Gainesville, in the state of Florida.

The annual cost of the University of Florida is USD 28,000 and USD 6,000 (in-state).

It has an approximate number of 34,500 university degree students.

The admission rate is 46%

This university has several postgraduate programs very well valued nationally; School of Medicine, Law, Engineering and Finance.

The Florida Gators compete in the NCAA Divison I of the Southeast Conference.

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