Tips on How to do a Thesis

When we are about to graduate we face one of the biggest fears of a university student: how to do a thesis, especially because most do not know where to start.

It is very likely that you already know that a thesis is a methodological investigation, which involves you to follow up and a series of steps that allow you to find a result.

Being very honest, we do not understand why students inherit and pass from generation to generation, as if it were a kind of tradition, the fear of how to write a thesis.

They say that this is very difficult, with many complications, in addition to the fact that the research of the thesis is wasting time and is far from solving some problem of everyday life.

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Have you ever thought that if this were true, because no one would graduate, the professionals would be very scarce and the passage through the university would only have served to have one more experience in your life.

There is nothing further from reality because every semester you witness how millions of students graduate or isn’t it? We advise you learn how to do a thesis to stand out.

What is a thesis?

A thesis or work of degree is a proposal of concrete investigation and that has been developed with a firm investigative methodology.

An indispensable requirement and that sooner or later all students must face to get the degree of the career they are studying, is to do the thesis, the degree work or the research project.

Call it what you want, the truth is that there are many people who flee to this final part of university life and who lose a great experience that can open many doors for the future, for not knowing how to do a thesis.

This degree work that you develop should then be exposed orally and after your intervention will be subjected to a kind of debate among jurors, who will be in charge of giving you the final evaluation, according to your presentation and research work.

Oh and above all, most importantly, they will be the ones who will decide whether or not to grant you the degree.

Although there are some factors that are necessary in your degree work to have their endorsement, do not worry because your thesis advisor throughout the research process will guide you in each of them.

In this way, in the end you can get the much desired 5.

Seven tips for you to succeed with your thesis

It’s time to start working on your thesis, but what a fear, I don’t know how to choose the theme!

From choosing the subject of your degree work to the conclusions you reach after developing it, they play a key factor in knowing how to do a thesis.

Here we will give you seven recommendations that we hope can help you clarify your ideas.

1. We recently mentioned that the subject of a thesis can be free, so you should take advantage of that and choose a topic that you like, that motivates you, that matters to you; that is, a subject that never makes you lose interest.

Believe me, you can do the thesis of whatever you want.

2. Try to choose a thesis advisor that inspires confidence and with which you think you can feel calm during this whole process.

Remember, not because a teacher is an expert in a subject, it is synonymous that he can be a good advisor, since he must be patient, creative, know how to communicate, motivate, guide and correct.

3. It doesn’t matter who your advisor is, it may even be your dad, but keep in mind that the expert in your thesis is you and nobody will do that research work for you. Own your thesis.

4. It is very important that the sources you use for your thesis are reliable and always give you valid information.

Remember that Wikipedia, Monographs or Rincon del Vago, are not sources for a thesis.

5. Your research should be the most important thing during the time you have to work with it.

We don’t want to say that you have to be 24/7 in thesis mode, but much of your time belongs to it.

6. Remember that who guides you on how to do a thesis more than your teacher will be a friend, so do not hesitate to take advantage of the experience and knowledge that he has to clarify each of the doubts that arise.

Also, keep in mind that being self-taught is also an option.

7. The thesis is the time to gain experience and fully mature in your academic life, especially because this will help you achieve a deeper research development.

Keys to writing a good thesis

Practically a thesis is composed of two parts, it is not that the other components do not have to be done, a job research and writing. Why?

Because research emphasizes the intellectual process of the development of the thesis, while writing is the art of knowing how to translate the results of that research into a text that can be read.

As well as being understood by anyone who may have an interest in your thesis.

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The truth, writing a thesis is not that it is very different from when we write any other document, because the idea of ​​when we write something is that it is clear, effective and above all, that it implies our message.

This is what we seek after all with our thesis. In addition, if a thesis is not understandable for its content, it is as if it did not exist and as if you had never done it.

For this reason, you should know very well the theme that you will develop in your thesis, because if you do not know much about the subject it is very likely that you have difficulty explaining your idea to others.

Also, you must define the thematic content of your thesis, that is, you have to be concise, precise and effective in its writing.

The important thing is that you make a dynamic text

Remember to have good information to develop your thesis, since you must support the ideas of this with data, details, descriptions, graphs, tables and examples.

In other words, you will have to create a rather didactic and entertaining text, without losing its academic character.

Keep in mind that another way of research is to look for other similar theses so you can see how their authors shaped their project.

You should also sort the text in a logical way. If you were wondering how to do a thesis, then you should know that it must be logical and have a clear presentation.

One fact: Think about the type of thesis you would like to read, this can help you clear your head.

That is why you must write a very interesting introduction, where you completely summarize the theme of your thesis.

As with any text, most of these are sold at the beginning.

The syntax is very important and that is why each subtheme of the thesis must be connected in a coherent way with the other paragraphs, so that the ideas are not loose.

It is very likely that you can feel very overwhelmed when you start this whole writing process, but with some practice and desire, you will carry out a great project.

Finally, do not stay with the doubts and remember to consult with your advisor, who will most likely help you.

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