The Best Countries to Study

Many people consider studying abroad or going on exchange during their university studies in a rite of passage. When you can most have the opportunity to spend 3-12 months in another country without any problem (most countries only require a passport and a student visa that is easy to get) and with enough flexibility to spend time traveling and exploring.

While each country offers students the opportunity to learn about a different culture, different countries are the best for students based on their area of ​​interest. 

Do not worry if your school does not offer a program for the country you wish to study, there are independent programs in dozens of different countries and most colleges and universities help students use one of these. If you want to study art, business, history or just have a good time, look at the following list.

Florence, Italy
Ideal for students interested in Art

If you are interested in art: No matter what you are looking for, Italy has it. Whether your area of ​​interest is painting, architecture or sculpture, Italy is full of many of the world’s most famous pieces. Florence, the most popular in studies abroad in Italy, offers dozens of different programs along with some of the main pieces of art in the world, including Michelangelo’s David sculpture and the wonderful architecture of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, known simply as “the duomo”. The field is located in the north, where students in Florence can easily make weekend trips to neighboring countries, or learn the art of making wine in vineyards in the area of ​​Tuscany.

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Sydney, Australia
Ideal for active and adventurous students

If you are interested in adventure: Known for its beautiful beaches and devoted surfers, it is no surprise that Australia is a great place for students interested in physical activity. Sydney, capital of Australia, is an especially popular destination thanks to the Pacific Ocean to the east and the mountains to the north. Sydney is also home to more than 70 beaches and ports, and has been blessed with low population density, which means you can swim, surf and walk in peace. And thanks to Australia’s relatively dry climate, sports activities are more feasible throughout the year. Just remember when booking your trip that the stations may be opposite. A trip between June and August can be perfect thanks to the low number of tourists, but it will be lost in the hot summer weather.

Madrid / Barcelona, ​​Spain
Great for the Arts and learn a new language

Between the two most famous cities of Barcelona and Madrid, students who expect to speak Spanish should choose Madrid. Although Barcelona is a modern and bustling metropolis with warm beaches and has buildings designed by the famous artist Gaudí, the official language of the city is Catalan. Although Spanish is predominant throughout the city, it is mixed with Catalan, so it is better to study in Madrid and visit the city on weekends.

Madrid, the largest city in Spain and capital, has a multitude of historic neighborhoods such as the Royal Palace of Madrid, restored 1800 buildings and many other museums and historical sites. But Madrid has much more than history. Packed with public and private universities, students studying abroad have a multitude of different options and areas of study. Many programs also offer internships for those with good skills. And as one of the largest cities in Europe, Madrid has something for everyone: professional sports teams, world class restaurants, and a bar scene that lasts all night and is packed with students from all over the world.

London England

The capital, London, is a famous international city, full of public and private universities and dozens of opportunities to study abroad (more than 58.00 students study abroad there every year.) Students in London have easy access to public transport, and is just a fast plane from much of Europe for weekend trips. When they are not studying, students can observe Parliament in session, see plays at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, and look closely at the history of the Tower of London, former headquarters of some of Britain’s most famous royalty including to King Enrique Eighth.

But London, although it is the most famous, is not the only study abroad in England. Oxford, home to the world famous Oxford University, the oldest in the English-speaking world, is a rich, intellectual city full of theaters, bookstores and museums. 

The city, which has cultivated some of the world’s most prominent minds, spanning generations, including Oscar Wilde, Bill Clinton, Tolkien JRR and William Penn, offers an ideal environment for serious students. But, of course, students can do more than learn 150,000 people in this city. Students can visit the areas used in all the Harry Potter movies, visit the famous city center, which attracts more than 9 million tourists a year, and go to several professional and semi-professional sports clubs,

Cairo, Egypt
History Fan

If you are interested in history: there is no better place to study ancient civilization and learn about the remarkable achievements of primitive humanity than in Egypt, located in North Africa. Founded in approximately 3000 BC, although with settlers from 10,000 BC, Egypt has the wonder of the world: the pyramids of Giza (not to mention the Sphinx and the Luxor) You can study the ancient romances of the Ptolemy clan, including Cleopatra’s epic romance with Marco Antonio and Julio César, just where much of what happened happens. Cairo, the largest city in Egypt, is a mixture of modern and past civilization, with the Cairo Film Festival and Arab music festivals next to the old buildings. 


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Students who want a break from history can visit dive sites in the Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh ocean. With more than 20 universities to choose from, any student can find his or her area of ​​interest and perhaps learn a little Arabic while there.

Shanghai, China
Excellent for International Trade and Business

If you want to go into business: China, the second-largest economy in the world, and is expected to surpass the United States to become the largest in 2040. Therefore, anyone interested in entering the business would do well to understand this powerful country, its culture and your language Several organizations offer students the opportunity to do an internship with a company in China, offering valuable experience and connections for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Shanghai, the largest port in the world, is a commercial center, as well as home to some of China’s leading universities, where students can study China’s history, politics, business and language. Shanghai is also considered the cultural center of China and is the center of China’s art and cinema.

For weekend activity, China has some of the best outdoor excursions in the world, including Mount Everest in Tibet and Nepal. Although many students first think of Europe when they think of studying abroad, China is a fantastic choice for those seeking practical skills, adventure and the opportunity to learn about a totally different culture.

Explore the Amazon

People interested in discovering our neighbors: Brazil, is one of the most influential countries in South America, and offers a wonderful mix of modern economic development and South American culture. Although full of scientific and technological advances, agriculture and industrial exports and a growing international financing presence, the economic problems so far have prevented it from becoming a world leader. But that may change soon. In continuous growth, Brazil is a country to see in the future, and those who aspire to enter the international business market must keep an eye on it in the decade to come.

The largest country in South America, the Amazon forests in Brazil have the greatest ecological diversity in the world, with about 4 million species. However, new species of plants and animals are continually being developed and the area offers aspiring biologists a unique opportunity to explore one of the richest areas in the world in wildlife.

In the cultural aspect, students have the opportunity to learn about Brazil and Portugal, thanks to Brazil’s strong ties to its founding country. The official language is Portuguese. However, a large number of other cultures have arrived in the country, which makes Brazil a unique, diverse country full of native Brazilians and immigrants from around the world.

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