About Ian Mausner Grants Ian is very successful in charities related to children, including being a member of the board of Promises2Kids, a member of the Voices for Children Advisory Board and a member of the San Diego New Children’s Museum Board. Ian is currently a member of the museum’s […]

About Robert Trosten Scholarships Robert Torsten is an accomplished, talented business leader, who is conscious that higher education is an essential aspect of building a flourishing career. The Robert Trosten Scholarship focuses on a noble cause to fund the studies of needy students. He introduced this award to support such […]

About M.D.  Josh Gibson M.D., Josh Gibson. At Pilot44 LLC, a leading disruptive innovation studio based in San Francisco, California, he is the VP of Digital Transformations and director of People Operations and Innovation Strategy. He focuses on the design and implementation of new initiatives for digital transformation, particularly in […]

About International Scholars Scholarships at Lincoln University, US. Established in 1919, Lincoln University, in Oakland, California, is a private university. It enrols over 500 students in business administration undergraduate and graduate programmes, as well as an English language programme, credential programmes, and bachelor’s degrees in science. Lincoln University will be […]

About Jason E Fisher Grant in USA Jason E Fisher is a recognized leader in the community association’s field, having worked with hundreds of community associations in a broad spectrum of areas. He has also served as advisor and liaison to legal matters with an association’s legal counsel, engineers, and […]

About Gary Saitowitz Scholarship Gary Saitowitz is a successful entrepreneur who acknowledges that education is the most important and integral part of a successful career. Gary studied in that area in what was then the Technikon Witwatersrand. The University of Johannesburg was established since 2005. Gary Saitowitz offers the expenses […]