Study in the USA and Live a Unique Experience

Study in the USA

Studying in the USA have become a priority for millions of international students so here is a summary of the main reasons to consider this opportunity.

Combine Studies and Sports with a Scholarship

“I love playing sports and I recognize the importance of studying, so with the pace of life that I lead… how and when do I study?! Do I stop studying and focus on sports, or better the other way around? ”

Surely you have asked yourself these questions several times and not only if you are an athlete, since as a sure student you have often had less time to study because you wanted to do activities outside the classroom. 

Well, although it sounds weird, in the universities of the United States this does not happen. But they also reward those people who, apart from studying, perform extra-academic activities, either defending the colors of a team or doing your favorite activity as a member of a club or organization.

Organizing your schedules based on training, direct and constant contact between your coach and your teachers, excused absences from classes and exams because of training and matches is a reality at universities in the United States. 

You do not believe it? Well there is more! The teachers and the classmates themselves value very positively that you are able to perform two activities at the same time, so they will give you all kinds of facilities and will give you all the support you need. 

And as for the exams, you don’t have to worry, the reality is that in the US The study system is much more practical and the exam load is much lower.

But if you are not an athlete, you should know that in medium and large-sized universities they have a multitude of “clubs” or student associations that meet to perform their favorite activities. 

Instrumental, theater, chess, French or bowling clubs are some of the many you can find. And yes, if you have to go to a competition to defend the colors of the university, you will have all the support and facilities from your teachers.

Get a Bilingual English 

When you think about going to study in the US, surely you have doubts, or even fear, because you do not speak English fluently or you will not understand people when you get there. 

It is normal. You should prepare your best before traveling, attending private lessons or language academies, but it is also recommended that you spend a few weeks (even a few months) as an adaptation period, so it will be easier for you when the really important thing begins, that is, the classes.

Organize your trip in such a way that you can spend time with a friend or acquaintance who already lives in the USA. Or even try to contact your future coach to help you get a room in the university dormitory. 

This way you can adapt to your new life and practice English in a more informal and friendly environment. Quiet. We have all gone through that. 

You learn from everything and at the beginning it will cost you to communicate with people but it will be worth it. You will return from the USA With a very high level of English, that is, you will be completely bilingual. 

Goodbye to talk to foreigners in sign language or spend shame asking something outside your country. And you can see the movies and the stars of Hollywood in the original version. And most importantly: you will have many more possibilities to find your dream job because a bilingual candidate with international experience is much better valued.

Work at the United States University

The dream of some students is to have a mini-job that allows them to have money to fully enjoy one of the most beautiful stages of their lives. Money that will come in handy for traveling within the US, eating with friends, buying clothes, going to the movies, decorating the bedroom, etc.

In the US, universities have a large number of jobs for a maximum of 20 hours a week, which you can easily reconcile with classes and training. 

They are not badly paid. On average they pay about 8 euros an hour and the jobs have to be inside the university, either in the cafeteria, organizing books in the library or conducting guided university visits for new students, to name just a few.

Imagine everything you can do with 640 dollars a month. Even more if we take into account that as a student and athlete you are, most of your university expenses are already covered in your scholarship. If you save a little, you could even get your driving license and buy your first car … and travel.

Life on the University Campus

Your life revolves around the campus. Classes, cafes and restaurants, library, entertainment venues, organizations, training, gym, parties … everything is within the same space creates a feeling of belonging to the community that makes you get involved in everything related to your university and feel the colors of the university as if they were those of your own country.

Erase from your mind the idea of ​​the university as you know it so far in the country where you are. In U.S.A. it’s totally different. People do not just go to class and return home. 

In the US, people get involved in all the activities that are organized, celebrate festivities like ‘Welcome Week’, ‘Homecoming’, ‘Thanksgiving’ or ‘Tailgating’, or they will cheer for the university teams. There are university stadiums with capacity for up to 100,000 spectators.

Inside the campus you will live the best experiences of your university adventure in the USA. All students are in the same situation as you, so among all you will form a great family.

Personal growth

In your university adventure you will encounter situations in which you will have to decide what to do and how to act. Those situations and how you respond to them will help you grow and mature. 

You will not be home anymore. You must decide for yourself. But calm, you learn from mistakes and you will learn as much or more out of class than inside. 

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You will meet people who will bring you new ideas and visions of the world. You will have friends, teachers, coaches, mentors, etc. that will mark you personally and professionally. You will make friendships that will last the rest of your life.

When you arrive in the US, you will have left your comfort zone, you will mature, you will learn to organize and be disciplined. 

If you don’t do it, nobody will do it for you. You will not have to explain to anyone your actions and you will not have to ask anyone’s permission to do what you want … but be careful, you must be responsible or your university adventure will be over soon. 

Use common sense and find the balance between studies, training and fun and you’ll see that everything will work out.

These are some of the many opportunities that studying in an American university gives you. 

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