Know which are the most valued technologist courses

technologist courses

You can get a college degree fast and still do well in the job market!

Fast, focused, superior, and well-accepted in the job market, technologist courses have quickly become an absolute success.

Today they can be found in virtually all educational institutions in different areas of knowledge.

Some, by meeting the demands of companies, are yielding good job opportunities with very interesting salaries.

See below which courses are the most valued technologists and see some colleges where you can take one of them.

Most valued technologist courses

Technologist courses are top-level training recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC) that yield a valid and well-accepted diploma in the job market.

Today we have hundreds of technologist options in areas such as environment and health, industrial processes, management and business, information and communication, infrastructure, military, food production, culture, design, industry, security, tourism, hospitality and natural resources.

Some of them, however, have stood out for their wide acceptance in the job market.

We bring you some of the most valued technologists. Check it out below:

Human resource Management

The HR manager has a strategic role within a company. It is your responsibility to select new employees, create benefit plans, take care of the job and salary structure, look for ways to motivate and increase employee productivity, think about quality of life at work programs and observe the individual performance of workers.


The Radiology Technologist is the professional who deals with all types of medical imaging equipment through radiation: x-rays, CT scans, magnetic resonance imaging, etc. It also takes care of biosecurity issues and tailings management. They are highly valued in clinics, hospitals, diagnostic centers, industries and airports.

Financial management

The finance manager is another strategic figure within an organization. It prepares budgets, makes financial statements, tracks results, indicates funding sources, solutions to cash problems, and presents the best way to raise and apply resources.

Analysis and systems development

The technologist makes the analysis, projection and development of different types of computer systems. He works with different programming languages, coordinates software and systems production teams, defines the best components for a given project, takes care of network operation and security.

Digital games

The main function of this technologist is to design and develop games for various platforms: computers, video games, phones and tablets. It’s a booming profession – especially among those with a talent for managing teams as a whole: from creation (roadmaps, scenarios) to delivery to target platforms.


The gastronomic technologist learns to prepare the main dishes of local and international cuisine and to manage establishments in the gastronomic field. Although there is no need for a higher level diploma to practice the profession, a more solid formation of theory and practice in the area has raised the appreciation of these professionals.


It is the professional who takes care of all issues related to the flow of transportation, storage and distribution of equipment and cargo in a company. More than that: it articulates an entire chain that involves customers, partners, suppliers and eventual service providers. It can work with air, sea, rail and road transport around the world.

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A marketer is one who has a broad view of the market he or she works for. This gives you the ability to anticipate consumer trends, devise product launch and positioning strategies, and circumvent competition. It is a highly valued training here, especially in companies in the productive sector, trade and services.

Commercial management

The commercial manager is highly valued in the market for being the professional who decides on sales in different businesses, makes feasibility study, business analysis, research, and especially glimpses opportunities for new ventures.

Environmental management

The environmental manager is responsible for thinking and executing environmental preservation and recovery measures. It also helps to propose public policies and ways to educate the population on the issue.

Safety at work

It is the professional who implements, monitors and controls occupational safety systems in different types of companies. He, for example, assesses working conditions and proposes improvements to prevent casualties or the development of occupational diseases. It has been a highly valued area in recent years.

Aesthetics and Cosmetics

The course teaches the student how to perform the main facial, body and hair aesthetic procedures available on the market, using appropriate products and equipment. It also shows how to create and manage businesses in the area. It is a valued training because it raises the level of professionals who work in one of the most solid and competitive markets in the world.

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