Job Satisfaction: Do what you like or what gives you money?

Job Satisfaction

A frequent drama in the lives of young people facing college entrance exams is: should I choose a career that gives me money or job satisfaction? In a market marked by the dreaded “crisis” this doubt and the fear of making the wrong choice are even stronger.

If you are also facing this dilemma, we have already said that it is possible to find a profession that provides pleasure and good remuneration, but for that, you need to consider some issues, which we have gathered in the following post. Take a look!

How important is money to you?

A few years ago, civil engineering was the most promising area in the market, which led thousands of students to enter this degree, increasing competition. Today, the real estate market situation is no longer the same, and the unemployment level for civil engineers has increased.

This example shows that not always what brings good pay today will still be high tomorrow, so you should be careful to treat money as a priority. To make a decision that will define your entire future, it is also important to consider other aspects.

What is most important to you: having a good salary or quality of life?

Making money is the goal of any student entering college, but focusing on it alone can mean giving up their quality of life. Imagine spending years in a profession that you only hate for a paycheck? Or wake up every day with a sense of frustration about going to work?

Talk to professionals in the field, look at job specifications that are already available, and research hard if what you pay is worth what you have to sacrifice, especially job satisfaction.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

What are your goals for the future? Do you want to work but have free time to take care of yourself and build a family? Or are you willing to dedicate yourself entirely to your career?

We know it’s hard to get a clear picture of the future now, but having a sense of how you see yourself in a few years can provide a basis for choosing a profession.

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For example, those who don’t see themselves working more than eight hours a day are unlikely to enjoy areas such as nursing or medicine – which require daily shifts (and holidays!) And years of dedicated dedication to the school.

What really gives you pleasure?

Even if certain areas have a much higher financial reward, if the professionals who choose them are not good at what they do, they are unlikely to be well paid. And excellence is directly associated with pleasure.

Recognized professionals in the market are those who give their all. And for that, you must have a love for what you do. Or do you know a successful architect who hates to draw? Or a famous TV presenter who doesn’t like to communicate?

If you love something, you don’t have to exclude it from your life because you believe you won’t “give money.” Your case may be an exception to the rule; just look for the right opportunities.

Those who love fashion, for example, do not only have to be a stylist; it is possible to invest in careers such as marketing, consulting, journalism, or image consulting. The possibilities are immense, and all can bring an excellent financial return.

And you don’t even have to hold on to the diploma, with the knowledge of graduation you can even start your own business! Most importantly, you do your best in everything you do. The result will be a financial and personal success.

Did you realize how compensation and job satisfaction are not excluded? Want to find the best profession to bridge the two possibilities? Let us also hear your contribution to this.

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