How to know if you should go to the University

How to know if you should go to the University

You may find this post somewhat annoying but what we are going to say is a reality that can affect your way of seeing life. The university is not exactly the best option to achieve success.

In fact the university could among many things make you waste your time, your money and end your spirit.

Perhaps in the past you will have heard phrases like “not everyone was born to study”, well, that’s certainly a great truth. So if you are one of those who feel that they die slowly in the classroom, here we will tell you how to know if it is convenient for you to go to the University.

How to know if I should go to University

Most of us grew up with the idea that education is the key to success. However, education means spending many years of our life sitting in a classroom.

And that graduating and having a degree is one of those ancient traditions that continue to set the tone today. Thanks to this, millions of people are trapped in this tradition without even knowing if they really want it. Many study for their parents, when in reality they feel it is not worth it.

Education is important, but you don’t necessarily have to educate yourself within the university. So if you are one of those who wonder how to know if it is convenient for me to go to the University, we invite you to continue reading.

Signs it’s a bad idea

If the title of this post how to know if it is convenient for me to go to the University is clicking on your head, surely you have seen some of these signs that we will name below and if so, it is possible that the decision is simple: Do not go to university.

The idea of ​​sitting in class exhausts you. Sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher again and again can be exhausting. It can absorb our energy and leave us exhausted. This is one of the reasons why many leave school at an early age.

You feel that college is a waste of money. Years ago, university education was economic or free, now it is not. It is very difficult to study at the university, so many prefer to save their expenses and begin to lock and educate themselves.

Even without a title you already put your name up. Why spend 4 years in a college or university when you can do what life promises after college? If you are willing to learn, take risks, surely the university is not for you.

The desire to explore and get lost is stronger. We all want to explore the world, we all want to try new things and we certainly want to do something so big for what they remind us, but how do we do it sitting in front of a blackboard? Of course, we are promised that we will do it after obtaining a university degree, however, having it is not a guarantee of anything.

Thinking about a traditional school environment makes you question everything. The more we question why we spend so many years in school, the more we lose the focus point of going to school. There are tons of courses that you can take only for a few months and that will prepare you to do things that you are really passionate about. Listen, because you may be having the answer you need.

You value experiences more. Some people are brave enough to allow themselves to learn from the experience. Many simply cannot wait to go out and experience the world.

You know you can do it even without a title. Although we have always been promised success once we have a degree, the truth is that for many it is an incredible waste of time and money. We have seen countless times as people without a university education have gone further than any other. You only need one initiative, one impulse one idea. Many things can be done without a title.

You are still thinking about changing your course. Apparently, this is one of the most obvious signs that the university is not for you. Many people believe they have chosen the career of their dreams but when they finish it or in the middle of their career they feel that what they did was not for them and they want to change course. That only translates into wasted time.

You feel you only do it for your parents. Parents love to pressure their children, and we really can’t blame them. They just want the best for their children and want them to have the best education and the best opportunities. And of course if you tell them that you don’t want to study they won’t understand. But show him this post, maybe you convince them.

There are no more reasons nor are there any more explanations, you just don’t feel it and that’s it. You are not crazy, it is very normal and it can happen to you without knowing why. Remember that life is one and if you are not passionate about something, do not waste your time on it.


If you don’t go to college, don’t worry. There are many options for successful careers where you don’t have to get a college degree. Trades are a viable option to get by themselves. The search for a job gives you a point of entry into your career without the burden of spending a lot of money on training.

The army is another option, especially if traveling and seeing the world is of your interest. You can also receive on-the-job training in an unlimited variety of fields, from doctors to technicians, depending on your interests and abilities. Finally, it could even turn your passion into a small business.

If none of these options attract you, you might consider a business or commercial career. People forge their path by creating inventions or building businesses in their communities. There are all kinds of business models that you can choose to turn your passion into an income. For all this and much more you only need one thing and it is “Having an entrepreneurial spirit”.

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