How to Achieve a Flat Stomach After Childbirth?

How to Achieve a Flat Stomach After Childbirth?

One of the concerns of moms, especially first-timers, is the recovery of the flat stomach. It is necessary to be patient, and also take into account a series of tips and guidelines for action.

Getting a flat stomach after childbirth is one of the concerns of women. The belly that looked proudly while the baby was inside becomes a nightmare once the child is born. The abdomen is rounded and flaccid, due to the natural enlargement of the uterus, the stretching of the skin and the accumulation of fat.

The whole organism takes a long time to return to the pre-pregnancy situation, and the abdomen is no exception. The body will progressively remove accumulated fluid; also the extra fat will begin to reduce.

There are moms who complete this process in a few days, although they are the lowest percentage. Most women take several months to achieve a flat stomach after childbirth; Generally, it is necessary to accompany this process with specific actions.

Breastfeeding the baby helps to achieve a flat stomach after birth

Breastfeeding the baby immediately after delivery is essential for the uterus to contract. Thus, its volume is reduced and the abdomen is flattened.

By feeding the child this way, extra calories are burned and moms lose weight faster. The whole process of making milk and feeding the baby is itself a reducer; It would be like an additional exercise for the whole organism.

«After childbirth, the body will progressively remove accumulated fluid; also the extra fat will start to reduce »

The diet to achieve a flat stomach after childbirth

A balanced diet is always the best advice. The suggestion is to consult an expert nutritionist, who will determine the specific diet for each situation.

If the woman is breastfeeding, she should allow two or three months after giving birth before starting a diet. In order to make the milk, the body needs that fat that has accumulated.

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and proteins is very healthy and will favor the achievement of a flat stomach after delivery. In addition, reducing carbohydrate intake is also important.

The diet should not become an obsession in any case; the newborn baby demands a lot of energy and good mood; Food is key to this.

Fluid retention causes bulging of the abdomen

Sometimes, the woman is not fat but retains fluids and her entire body seems swollen. There are two simple actions to combat fluid retention, which do not require much effort:

  • Reduce salt intake. Salt keeps fluids unnecessarily in the body; In addition, it can cause hypertension problems. Therefore, by eating food with little or no salt, it is favoring not only the flat stomach after delivery but health in general.
  • Increasing water consumption helps eliminate excess fluids . Although it seems a contradiction, it really is; the consumption of a lot of water prevents the retention of liquids and contributes to the hydration of the body.

Exercises to achieve a flat stomach after childbirth

The above tips are very useful, but are generally insufficient. Time passes and the woman begins to worry because she continues with a few extra kilos; It is time to start the physical exercise, which should be done for at least three hours a week.

After six weeks from birth, you can gradually begin with physical activity. If the intention is to achieve a flat stomach, the exercises will focus on this end.

  • Hypopressive exercises, which are based on postures and repetitions, are fashionable. It is not about accelerated movements, but about prolonged maintenance of certain body positions and proper breathing.

With this gymnastics, the pelvic base is strengthened, the abdomen is reduced and the intra-abdominal area is strengthened; It is a good routine to start. It is not exhausting, so it can be perfectly compatible with all the work of the mother with her baby.

  • Walking and small marathons are very complete exercises. With them, the woman will achieve very good results in a short time; the ideal is to walk or run 45 minutes three times a week, although if done daily the good results will accelerate.
  • Abs . They are localized exercises that give very good results; Redirect the abdominal muscles and correct the muscular separation of the abdomen.

«After six weeks from birth, you can gradually begin with physical activity «

Gradually, the belly will regain its firmness; It is also important that this goal does not tarnish the joy of motherhood. It is a beautiful, natural process that will be worth the effort for your whole life.

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