How much time do you have in Physical Education?

Physical Education

The Physical Education course has two modalities – undergraduate and baccalaureate. The first is focused on the area of ​​education, and the second is linked to the work in the professional market broadly.

In addition to the area of ​​activity, another difference between these training levels is the duration of the course – each modality has a minimum compulsory workload defined by the MEC – Ministry of Education.

But after all, what is the duration of each degree of formation? If you have been curious and want to know how long each modality has, just continue with the reading that we will clarify this doubt!

How is the Physical Education course?

Physical Education students learn about several areas, among them Biological Sciences – such as anatomy, orthopedics, and physiology, Administration, Economics, and Statistics.

The difference between a bachelors degree and a bachelor ‘s degree is that in addition to the subjects mentioned above, the student also has content related to pedagogical processes – such as educational psychology and pedagogical practices.

How long does the undergraduate or bachelor’s degree last?

The degree lasts for three years, emphasizing pedagogical practices and has approximately 2,800 hours, while the baccalaureate lasts for four years with 3,200 hours.

What does this professional do?

When choosing the area of ​​Physical Education, the professional can act in several activities, among them we can highlight:

Physical Conditioning: Assisting in the accomplishment of individual exercises.

Teaching: Giving classes in Primary, Secondary, and Middle School.

Ecotourism: Coordinating outdoor activities.

Special Groups: Accompanying the elderly, pregnant women, adults, and children in physical activities.

Performance: Guiding people and teams in the training and competition processes.

Recreation: Entertaining the public in hotels, spas, clubs, condominiums, and ships.

Postsurgical: Helping patients surgeries to perform exercises for post-operative recovery and maintenance of the results.

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