Even if I study I don’t get better grades – See Reason Why?

Even if I study I don't get better grades

If you study the same time as your classmates, but at the end of the exam period your grades are worse, read this, the solution may be easier than you imagine.

Everything is learned

There are subjects that choke. It happens to all of us. But if your grades are lower than those of your peers, even if you try twice as hard as they do, you may start to doubt your own abilities and get discouraged.

In most cases, it is not a problem of lack of intelligence, capacity or memory, but of lack of technique. It is, in general, a matter of studying in an inefficient way, so do not be discouraged and put yourself to blame the universe, the career you have chosen or an ancestral curse: improve performance and, therefore, the grades, It has a solution if you correct some bad habits.

Avoid distractions

The first thing you should avoid while studying is distractions. Close Facebook, leave your phone in another room, do not play music and look for a suitable place to study. If your idea of ​​a study day is to lie in bed to read the notes above while playing a playlist with your favorite songs and your brothers yell at each other, do you really think you can escape getting bad grades?

So there is no way to concentrate and the hours you spend in front of the notes will be hours thrown away. If you have to study, do it, don’t waste your time trying because in the end you will have got bored a lot for nothing. Eliminate distractions and focus. When you’re resting or you’re done, you’ll have time to chat with your friends.

Create a suitable space

Another typical mistake is to study in places that are not adapted for study. Low tables, uncomfortable chairs, low light … If you want to improve your grades, it is necessary that you create a pleasant space that you use to study, where you can isolate and concentrate, hang your schemes on the wall, have space for each subject, etc.

Find a well-lit and as quiet place as possible. Adapt it to your needs by hanging a cork from the wall, putting a good table, filing cabinets to have everything in its place and, please, choose a good chair that does not hurt your back. It is important that you create your own space where you know that you can concentrate and that you will be at ease.

Better DO NOT leave it for last

If there is a typical mistake, this is: leave everything for the last moment and then hit each other to study for twelve hours without looking up from the books. 

If you don’t organize and study a little every day, you take it clear. Your notes will not go up by magic. 

When you try to get in three days the agenda of a four-month period, the thing can not go well. 

The brain has limits and when, in addition, very close tests coincide, it is likely that you will end up with a mental cocoa that will be reflected in the notes. If you want to be a good student, remember to review at least five days a week what you have seen in class (with an hour or two a day is more than enough). Preparing for the exams after having made this little effort is a piece of cake.

Bad organization

Another common mistake is to organize poorly, not planning the time required for each subject, not having up to date notes, not knowing what day we live … Solution? Buy an agenda and hang a calendar on the wall of your room where you can indicate the dates of delivery of papers or exams.

Plan the time you will need for each subject in a pessimistic plan, that is, nothing “is wasted and I learn it in two days”, but rather the opposite: calculate the time needed to finish a job counting on what insurance will arise problems. 

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So, if everything goes well, you will have it ready before exam day, but if something fails, there will be no problems with the delivery date.

Never miss material

Books, notes, compulsory readings …, you must have everything long before the time comes to prepare for exams. It is essential for you to do your daily work and not to see yourself at the end with too many texts to read with those you did not have or with incomplete notes. If you see the whole agenda as they give it to you, you will see how your notes go up.

Try other study techniques

The technique you use may not work well for you. It would be a mistake not to try different ones if the usual ones don’t work as they should. 

Sometimes, from what we have been taught since childhood, we tend to read, underline, memorize and try to repeat what we have read as parrots. 

Logically this does not work for us all and it is also the least effective technique, that is, it requires more effort and more time than others. Try mnemonic rules to memorize, with mind maps, with associations of ideas to set concepts, with creating your own tests, cards … You have a lot to choose from.

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