Do you want to study and work in the UK? These courses can help you

Do you want to study and work in the UK? These courses can help you

Applying for your first job after college can be very challenging. After years of school experience and developing your curriculum, students and graduates quickly realize how competitive the labor market is and how many other students compete for the same positions. 

While degrees and qualifications are extremely important to be considered for a job, they are often the minimum requirement. Beyond this, employers immediately seek any previous professional experience.

Unfortunately, with studies that take so long, it can be difficult to find work experience, particularly any paid employment. 

This is the reason why many students abroad work in restaurants, cafeterias, and bars – they receive a decent salary to support their travel expenses, but unfortunately, few employers favorably consider this experience for business-related jobs.

Roehampton University Campus

Many business-related workplaces offer work experience, but it is often poorly paid (or does not offer remuneration) and for larger companies, competition for these vacancies can be fierce.

That is part of what makes the courses offered at these universities so valuable: they not only teach skills that companies located in the UK look for in their professional staff, but also how to gain work experience in the UK.

For example, the  Roehampton Business School++  offers all students the option to apply for a one-year (undergraduate) paid job vacancy, also known as a ” sandwich year ” and for postgraduate students they have a global leadership program designed to improve vocational training It focuses on personal professional development through a combination of events, workshops, networking opportunities and industry exposure that address the professional preparation and abilities of students to act as effective leaders, managers, consultants or entrepreneurs.

The sandwich year can be an excellent option, as it provides a great essential experience when it comes to finding your first job, while it can also be a good opportunity to discover more closely what you would like to do to develop your professional career. The ‘sandwich year’ differs from a traditional job in that this year is “denser.”

Northumbria Campus in London

In addition, the Northumbria campus   in London and the Ulster University campuses   in Birmingham and London offer masters students the option of taking a module called “Advanced Practice.”

The  Advanced Practice is a project of internships and professional development of 12 to 15 weeks or applied consulting project incorporated into the standard MBA programs offered in Ulster. Students who do an internship will experience a work environment, produce reflective reports and participate in a project where they can apply theoretical concepts previously learned to a real-life industry problem. 

Students interested in taking on the applied consulting project will gain experience working with clients, complying with budgets and deadlines, carrying out research and providing consulting on a previously identified problem.

This means that the University gives students the opportunity to work with a real organization on commercial issues live. While this undoubtedly means that students will gain invaluable experience, it is important to keep in mind that the internship can be paid or not and is obtained through the students themselves or the internal racing team.

Solent University offers postgraduate courses with an employment option for one year. Through their companies, students can get involved in video production, retail or even work with professional athletes to gain valuable real-world experience along with their studies. For example, the Retail Solent Initiative allows students to gain valuable experience as part of their learning element based on course work. This exclusive retail store is run by Solent students and markets clothes, accessories, art and other items designed by Solent students and graduates.

Universities and courses throughout the United Kingdom

Each of these British universities is focused on an industry and has excellent employability rates.

Northumbria University

The University of Northumbria teaches courses in its  London City Campus and Pathway programs on the main Newcastle campus. The London campus offers courses focused on the business, computer, technology and project management industry amid the bustle of London’s financial and commercial district.

In Newcastle, the fully integrated Pathway provision allows students to improve their English language and develop their academic skills in programs that are specifically tailored to the subject of their choice.

The University of Northumbria has more than 210,000 alumni in more than 160 countries around the world, and 94.7% of Northumbria graduates are employed or are focused on higher education within six months of graduation.

Ulster University

The subsidiary campuses of the University of Ulster in London and Birmingham offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in business and computer science courses in professional learning environments. Ulster’s approach ensures that graduates not only have a degree but are highly competitive and motivated people, ready to develop in a dynamic business environment.

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There are 190,000 members in the University’s global network of alumni and 94% of Ulster graduates work or continue with higher education within six months after graduation.

Solent University

Solent University offers a variety of programs from fundamentals to undergraduate level, in some of which you have the opportunity to get a job.

The  Pre-Sessional and International Foundation program is designed to help students around the world improve their academic and English language skills before embarking on undergraduate or graduate studies with the University of Solent.

93.9% of Solent graduates work and / or study after graduation.

Roehampton University.

At the University of Roehampton, there are orientation programs taught on the University of London campus for students who need additional support to meet the requirements for admission to undergraduate and graduate degrees with Roehampton. The University also offers 3 and 4-year undergraduate degrees in additional locations within London, Birmingham and Manchester.

For certain business programs, Roehampton offers a ‘sandwich year’ in which students can take a year of paid employment or internship: an invaluable experience for your career.

92% of Roehampton graduates are employed or develop further studies within six months after graduation.

With the recent modification of the British Government on regulations for international students, they now allow foreign graduates to remain in the United Kingdom for two years and find a job; In short, there is no better time to study in the United Kingdom. 

The change applies to international students in the United Kingdom who begin courses at the undergraduate level or above this starting next year. For more information, read this article published by the BBC.

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