These rhetorical figures are often used frequently, but not everyone knows their meaning, this article explains the differences between Metaphor, Analogy and Allegory. The poetry is one of the oldest and best-known arts, from ancient times being a way to express and project the emotions and thoughts that contemplation of reality generated. […]

The prevalence of anxiety disorders in the world population is very high, read along the Cognitive Behavioral Techniques to Treat Anxiety article. Some studies consider them the most prevalent mental disorders, and others, the second most prevalent. Cognitive-behavioral techniques to treat anxiety are the most used methods. In this article, […]

A summary of the systems of the human body and their organs and functions since time immemorial, the human being has tried to understand the mysteries behind the functioning of his own body and what mechanisms were involved. There are few organs that constitute us, which interact with each other […]

Have you considered studying at one of the top universities in the United States? Graduating outside your country is a decision that can bring great results to your professional career. From this perspective, it is important to research and know the institutions that can be part of their training, including to […]