This article seeks to know what educational philosophy is, define the word philosophy, emphasizing that it is Greek and composed of two: Philo and Sophia. Therefore it means friendship for wisdom, love, and respect for knowledge. “Philosophy indicates a state of mind of the person who loves knowledge, esteem that […]

Ultraviolet radiation is an electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun that hits the earth in waves that can range from 200 to 400 nanometers in length. This radiation is responsible for 9% of all energy emitted by the sun reaching the planet’s surface. The name of ultraviolet radiation is related to […]

The conjugate number is extremely important to assist the student in performing calculations involving complex number divisions. Therefore, in this article “What is Conjugate in Math”, we will know a little more about the conjugate number and its main properties. What is Conjugate in Math? Conjugate numbers are true allies […]

The heart is certainly a basis for life and the protagonist of our circulatory system. It helps to pump the oxygenated blood to reach all areas of our body. Although we know its importance, few understand the parts of the heart and their functioning well. The parts of the heart […]

In this post, we are going to talk about the types of natural disasters and how they occur. Speaking of natural disasters when a phenomenon of nature produces serious or irreparable damage, leaving great losses in its path. Although some say that there are no “natural disasters” in themselves, but […]

Attention is a complex and dynamic functional system that facilitates the processing of information and allows the selection of the stimuli necessary for the performance of sensory, cognitive or motor activities. That is, to carry out any cognitive process, it is necessary that the attentional mechanisms act. Therefore, it can be said […]

So that students can understand how their own thinking works we can apply some metacognitive strategies in the classroom. Metacognition can be defined as the fact of thinking about one’s own thinking, as the fact of recognizing one’s own thinking process. Metacognitive strategies in the classroom are an important part of the […]

Theoretical framework is the collection of antecedents, previous research and theoretical considerations on which a research project, analysis, hypothesis or experiment is based, allowing the interpretation of the results and the formulation of conclusions. The theoretical framework also called the frame of reference, is the theoretical, contextual, or legal support […]

In this post, we will discuss the  Examples of Social Justice and every other thing you need to know on social justice. Read on! Social justice is the recognition, defense and protection of the rights and duties of citizens without distinguishing their status. Seeks equal opportunities among citizens based on […]

Social inequality is a problem that affects the socioeconomic welfare of citizens of a state, community or country. Social inequalities are closely related to social injustices and in the most extreme cases they turn out to be a violation of human rights. Next, 9 extreme examples of social inequality that exist in the […]

Baccalaureate is a program of studies that follows secondary education, although, in some countries, they may be quite different. The baccalaureate in the latter case is also called high school. The baccalaureate is the studies that allow a student to obtain a bachelor’s degree, a requirement for the continuation of studies […]

Dunning Kruger Syndrome or the Dunning Kruger effect is characterized by the inability of some people to be aware of their incompetence or ineptitude. It is a cognitive distortion whereby a person who actually has little ability to perform an activity, thinks he has a lot, even more than some experts. […]