Also known as venereal diseases, are those transmitted essentially through direct contact through sexual intercourse (anal, vaginal or oral), where one of the two (partner or partner) is the carrier of the disease and the same happens unprotected; or through indirect contact by sharing contaminated underwear, syringes, or objects, such […]

Both psychopathy and sociopathy are antisocial personality disorders. Nevertheless, the boundary between a psychopath and a sociopath is so fine that sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between these two mental illnesses. What is the Difference Between a Sociopath and a Psychopath? The main difference between a psychopath and a sociopath is that while […]

The types of intelligence are the different abilities to solve problems. They are governed or regulated by specific regions of the brain. The concept of multiple intelligences was developed by psychologist Howard Gardner as a series of biological and psychological potentials and capabilities of the human being to process certain kinds of information in […]

State is a concept that refers to the political organization that integrates a population in a territory under an authority. Nation is a historical and cultural concept, which refers to the group of people who have in common a language, a history, a culture and a set of traditions. State […]

Speaking in biological terms, viruses and bacteria are microscopic organisms that inhabit the bodies. They differ according to size and depending on the method of reproduction … Bacteria are living organisms that have only one cell, and that reproduce, like other cells, their DNA and RNA code. Viruses are particles, of a single cell, but […]

Genotype is the genetic information that an organism has in the form of DNA, it presents variations and polymorphisms in its genes while the phenotype is the expression of the genotype according to the environment, it is made up of physical and behavioral traits. It was the Dutch botanist Wilhelm […]

In this post, we list and explain the difference between voltage and amperage. Voltage is the power differential between two points in an electric field. The amperage, on the other hand, measures the intensity of the electric current in amps. Voltage Voltage is the pressure that a source of electrical […]

In this post, we will check out the difference between goals and objectives with explanations from real occurrences. This morning I went to breakfast at a well-known restaurant in my city. The advantage is that here, they serve breakfast at noon or at night. Excellent for people who like to […]

In this article, we would examine the Difference Between Growth and Development, read on for better understanding. Childhood is the first period in the life of every individual that is between birth and the beginning of adolescence. Read also: Child occupational therapy: what it is and its objectives Both the […]

These are direct relatives, and many times we confuse them because of their resemblance, there is more difference between wasp and bee than you thought. We tell you in this article. What are the differences between wasps and bees? We spot them and hear when they fly, we see them […]

Within the use of our usual language, we always make proper use of descriptions, of people, things or events. It is possible to convert a 700-page book into a 2-hour movie, since the descriptions, with a single image, are shortened. Well, language allows us, like the creation of descriptions, to divide […]

We are going to see the difference between these two concepts from the simplest point of view, without going into technical words and in semantics or morphology of words. Both food and nutrition tell us about helping our body to make proper use of its organs and to have proper […]

There was a time not too far away when science was called philosophy. However, science itself has become a very separate branch of philosophy. Human beings face many questions and Science and philosophy have always been responsible for answering all the questions asked. The problems of ignorance can be divided into two […]

Although both contain genetic information, there are numerous differences between DNA and RNA. The scientific community does not agree as to which of the two may be the oldest. While some evidence suggests that DNA may have occurred first, most scientists say it is RNA that evolved in the first place. Read […]