Writing is a means of communication between humans, used since ancient times. Over the years several were invented, depending on the time, place and culture where it was performed, thus the following types of writing were generated: Ideogram Alphabetic writing Pictographic Cuneiform Linear A Linear writing B Logographic Would add Hieratic […]

On December 10, 1948, the United Nations (UN) instituted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, France. Today, every 10th of December, the International Day of Human Rights is celebrated. Considered the most translated document in modern history, the Declaration was created to serve as […]

Motor development in childhood allows us to coordinate complex movements, in this article you will learn about the types of motor skills and their characteristics. Thanks to the locomotor system, human beings can perform a wide range of movements, ordered by the brain, that allows us to relate to the […]

When we are about to graduate we face one of the biggest fears of a university student: how to do a thesis, especially because most do not know where to start. It is very likely that you already know that a thesis is a methodological investigation, which involves you to […]

What is a concept map: Learn how to make the best concept maps From the age of approximately 10 years, it is when students begin to discover what a concept map is. It is a study resource that begins to be implemented in primary education and intensifies in secondary education. […]

Have you heard of case study? Do you know what that means? Here in the article, we will explain in detail what a case study is. So come with us and get all your questions about it. Good reading! What is a case study? A case study can be understood as an in-depth […]

The science is evolving at high speed, thanks to the work of scientists and researchers who spend hours working in laboratories and different fields of study. Scientific research involves months of work in laboratories and different environments. Students interested in training in Science careers will discover in this note the inspiration and […]

In today’s post, we would examine examples of creative thinking and also the right techniques on how to develop creativity. Sometimes, when we face a project, problem or situation, our mind is blocked and does not let us think. Because of this, our creativity goes to the background and we are not able […]