5 Careers for Extroverts

5 Careers for Extroverts

Do you consider yourself an extrovert? Then you can leverage your personality to choose one of the careers that we will list throughout the text. By choosing one of them, you will surely have a promising future! 

But how do I know if I’m an extrovert or not? The psychologist and academic, José Bermúdez Moreno, speaks in his book Personality Psychology: theory and research, some of the characteristics of extroverts: “They are social, communicative, uninhibited, active, speaking and domineering. They like environments that stimulate them (…); they dream of having a lot of friends and feel the need to talk to someone… they risk a lot, getting into everything ”.  

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Recognize some of these characteristics in you? Then you can consider one of these careers as a profession and you will probably have an amazing future with them! 


One of the characteristics of the law student profile is the aptitude for interpersonal relationships and teamwork. As a student of law, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams that will need all of your sociability as well as all your communication skills.


If you want to use your outgoing personality to boost education, this is a great option! With this course you can focus on the teaching-learning process and propose new techniques, procedures, plans and resources to improve teaching, 


This tip may be a bit traditional and you may find it out of context, but it is perfect for outgoing people! This career requires leadership, proactivity, transparency and “hands-on”. You will have the opportunity to be in touch with the victims and work closely with other specialists, from whom you will learn a lot. 

Human Resources

In this area you will be able to use all your extraversion, as you will be in contact with people of all kinds while outlining various strategies to promote and coordinate the company’s quality and performance goals. 


Are you an uninhibited person and not ashamed to perform in public? Then this career is perfect for you. You can develop your big ideas in advertising agencies or market research, as well as being a key element in developing small, medium and large businesses.

Is there any other career that an extrovert can work in? Tell us in the comments! 

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